The purpose of this letter is to personally commend Janine for an outstanding effort. Janine conducted and facilitated two, two-day strategic planning sessions. Her performance and resulting outcome far exceeded expectations.

Throughout the four days, Janine skillfully drew out the more reserved individuals while tactfully, forcefully when necessary, maintaining order among aggressive participants. By applying her considerable psychological talents, she ensured everyone remained engaged throughout.

In addition to the skilful application of a wide variety of tools and techniques, within three days following each session, Janine generated and submitted comprehensive summaries. The final report included a detailed, phased list of strategic objectives to be developed and achieved over the near and long term.

Over the course of a long career, one attends several Strategic Planning, Team Building...classes, seminars, and tutorials. I can truly state that this was the most productive, best conducted of all. Accordingly, Janine has earned our unqualified support and admiration.
Roland Marquis, Northrop Grumman

I am impressed with Janine's ability to make the subject matter understandable and appear easy to implement post-seminar. I was able to identify key ideas to help improve my performance. 
Beverley Vaitkus, Clinphone USA 

By far the most beneficial training and most energetic and engaging trainer I've encountered. 
Heather McKenney, Clinphone USA 

Janine has an excellent delivery style. She provides clarity for terminology and more importantly, encouraged and emphasized the manner in which our respective roles tie-in to strategic planning. Janine's stories, they are amusing, yes, but also very informative and they fit the content. Because of where she hails from there is a wonderful enriching dynamic of the personal instances of living strategic planning. These stories and experiences demonstrated how strategic planning could be used to accomplish magnificent things and change realities for the better. 
Angela Greene, ASCO 

Great instructor, very knowledgeable, excellent real-world examples to drive home important topics. 
Alan Maier, Eastlake Consulting 

Janine has energy and experience. She is able to give real examples of the information. She is strategic. 
Erica Brooks, Noramco 

Great job!
This was a very good class, allowing laughter and team interaction, plus bonding between other areas that was much needed. 
Jim Ostrandum, People's Energy 

Thanks very much. Your Facilitation and Project Management sessions were excellent and appreciated by all. Your ability to integrate 'real' experiences and make the sessions interactive was extremely valuable. Please accept our sincerest thanks for your contribution. 
Cindy Abel, UHC 

Excellent presentation. Well organized and inspiring delivery! 
Greg Loubet, CAM Commerce Solutions 

Excellent presentation skills and command of materials 
Ann Maxwell, Department of Health and Human Services 
Janine was terrific. One of the best sessions I've attended. Thank you! 
John Hueber, Delaware Investments

Great anecdotal stories - a great course!
Mary Elliott, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Janine brought a lot of interest to the course. She was exuberant and very engaging - best instructor!

Linda Di Martino, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals 

Janine was excellent. Appreciated her willingness to personalize the material.

Colleen Ryan, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals 

Enjoyed the material outside of the book!

Tracy Vogel, Farmers Insurance 

Love Janine's break the rules methods of leading, great way to transfer knowledge, a good learning environment.

Ron Bourgeois, Weir minerals 

Probably the best facilitator I've had.

David Mills, The Boeing Company 

Excellent mix of lecture and activities. Good stories from experience to make a point.

Jeannette Silva, US Cellular 

Enjoyed the class and the instructor.

David Mueller, Topco associates 

She was very knowledgeable. No question! 

Heather Seville, Inx International 

Great communicator!

William Gaydos, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group 

Super presentation. Clear and specific to my needs. Thanks!

Mary Beth Greenstone, Leaseplan 


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