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   Frequently Asked Questions

   Important questions to consider about you, and your organization.

How do we leverage ourselves to the next level?

Asking this very question is the important first step. It acknowledges that you are aware of where you are now and it states your intent to reach for something more.

You need to:

  benchmark your current operations 
  define your vision
  determine the components that need changing 
  establish your available resources, including your competence capabilities 
  and then plan and execute your actions 

How do I get everyone committed to our direction?

Involvement, involvement, involvement!

People support what they help create. Communicating the direction in different ways and at every opportunity, will also make a fundamental difference. People need to see that what they do impacts the results in the organization. So, managing performance and giving feedback are crucial too.

How can I help my people to deal with change?

  Be visible during change. 
  Let people know where you are heading. 
  Be sure people know what is changing and what is not. 
  Have a clear plan and a detailed schedule. 
  Break the change into short term-term milestones. 
  Celebrate successes. 
  Turn mistakes into learning. 
  Understand that people process change at different rates. 
  Make sure supporting systems are available. 
  Don't forget to keep communicating. 

How can you help? Why use a consultant?

An outside perspective (much like an aerial view) provides insights into operations, processes, and interconnections. It is in asking the difficult questions that we can draw out the very best in you and your teams.

By not being as emotionally involved in the day-to-day operations, together with our vast experience and specialized expertise, we can better facilitate work sessions, act as a sounding board, recommend approaches, develop your skill sets, and energize you.

What is the benefit of hiring a speaker?

Nothing pulls people together like a shared experience.

  Do you need a common reference point? 
  Do you need to get a key message across? 
  Do you need to reinforce certain behaviors? 
Do you need your group to gain insights? 
  Do you need to energize or motivate your people? 

How can I put myself in the place of most potential?

  Know yourself - your strengths and weaknesses. 
  Extend your networks. 
  Put a personal development plan into action. 
  Make sure you have the necessary skills. 
  Place your finger on the pulse of every environment you operate in. 
  Gather inteligence. 
  Volunteer for meaningful and visible cross-functional/cross-company/cross-industry projects. 
  Deliver excellent performance. 

Rev-up your performance...make a difference in everything you do!

Rev-up your performance - The Sergay Group

Any other questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us.


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