People who learn,
lead to teams that learn,
which leads to organizations that continually learn.

This implies organizational agility to harness opportunities, mitigate against threats, focus
strengths, and eradicate weakness so as to improve the position of the organization in the marketplace
or environment and the results achieved in the organization.

But it all starts with
            individuals who develop, and
                                    who apply their development in the workplace.

At The Sergay Group, we focus on development training that turns into action; training that
makes a difference!

All of the competencies can be addressed in a manner suitable to your organization (the nature
of the business, its size, location, culture, strategy). We deliver Leadership, Employee and HR training workshops on-site or off-site.

Call us for assistance;

    To establish your need    To train your trainers 
    To design your learning process    To address your competency requirements 
    To deliver your training     

Our in-house development training workshops are custom designed to meet your needs.
They are structured as competency-based modules, heavily slanted towards practical,
experiential learning, and on-the-job application, the basic principle being that people learn by
doing and retain their knowledge and skills by integrating them into their daily work patterns.
By using this interactive and participatory approach, participants emerge enthused, empowered
and committed to using and developing their new skills.


The Sergay Group provides skills and development training across all levels.

Workshops are customized to meet your organization's specific needs. Competency models can be
created for jobs, with training modules based on them.

Workshops focus on creating action plans to implement and monitor in the workplace. The emphasis
is on sustainable, quality results.

    Develop skills 
    Improve performance 
    Achieve enhanced business results 

Organizational workshop training


We have leadership, business improvement, or interpersonal skills programs just for you.

Whether you are looking for Employee Development Training, HR Management Training or,
Leadership Development Training, the Sergay Group's expertise will provide real solutions to
meet your needs.

For more information call  Janine Sergay  on 847-821-7350, or send an email to .

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