consulting                                           Organizational Culture

To achieve your organization's vision, you need a culture and climate that will support the goals, and actions that will make it happen.



If you need
your corporate culture
and climate
the organization and
the organization in
the environment
We will work
in partnership with
you to...
Conduct assessments
Analyze the macro and
market environments...
Facilitate the creation


one-on-one interviews

focus groups

feedback to participants

follow through with
action plans
using tools and templates
to consolidate the information
known, and

Interpret so as to inform



priorities / goals

If you need

Translate the strategy
into action
(enable your corporate 
culture to support the

Lead the culture

to reach its goals

Manage change

through mergers,
acquisitions, or shifts
in direction or goals

We will work
in partnership with
you to...
Work with teams...  Provide coaching or
leadership training...
Facilitate in groups...

to map out action plans

to ensure individual

to co-ordinate across
functional areas
to manage the culture,

execute the strategy

strategy creation

team development

mediation of conflict

the construction of a
forward focused culture


Don't delay! Maximize organizational efficiency and effectiveness through developing your organizational culture and ensuring alignment between your strategy and the way you do things.

The benefits you get from working with The Sergay Group are: 

ease  of interfacing with us, and knowing that we always have your best interests front and center
quality  reference learning guides, reports, or action plans
reliable  on time delivery as promised
tangible  results and impact on the organization
flexibility  with customization of any intervention to your intent, requirements, group dynamics, personalities, nature of business, and size
diagnosis  of key leverage areas and pain points
openness  to new ideas, approaches, and the alignment of all functions and areas in the organization
integration  of concepts, practices, and teams
inclusiveness  of you and your people, so capacity building is achieved
follow through  so you are empowered to lead and achieve objectives

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