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Organizational Needs Assessment - Getting it right the first time!

The Sergay Group has for many years recognized that a well formulated, carefully
structured Needs Analysis, is essential to ensure alignment of your strategic objectives
to your critical actions.

Why have a Training Needs Assessment?

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to build a house without detailed plans to work from!

Similarly, it will seem like you have to wade through a minefield if you are responsible for the
training and development needs of your organization’s employees, and you do not have a plan or base to work from. For this reason, you will need a comprehensive, and well structured Organizational Needs Assessment to embark on a successful campaign. This will save your organization bottom-line dollars, and, of course, empower employees with focused and aligned training that will deliver the required results and meet the objectives.

What do you get from an Organizational Needs Assessment?

You have to understand the organization before any change can be implemented!

A crucial component of a Needs Assessment is to critically evaluate the existing organizational climate, and to ensure that this is fully understood. This study will determine the parameters
within which your employees and your leaders function and deliver.

For management to succeed in their endeavors, the organizational climate must be correctly assessed. Employees need to feel heard. The Sergay Group has many years of expertise in this
field, and will ensure that the appropriate diagnostics are performed for the Needs Assessment.

How do we Approach it?

Through comprehensive consultation with management, the Sergay Group will compile a broad employee and leader questionnaire to harness the required data. This, together with structured individual interviews, and facilitated group processes, will provide the framework to hear and
assess employee issues. A crucial part of putting the plan together!

How does a Needs Assessment help you and your organization?

After compiling a thorough and detailed report, the Sergay Group will make the necessary recommendations for you and your organization. Areas and issues of concern will be highlighted,
and detailed strength/weakness analysis will be included. Patterns will be extracted and the key challenges for moving forward will be identified. Feedback will be received by all who participated.
The process to create corrective action plans will be facilitated. We will work in partnership with
you for you to determine the way forward. 


Organizational needs assessment

The organization diagnostic can be applied to the all important organizational climate appraisal, to an area that is causing concern, or to determine training and development requirements.


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