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Do you need to;

    make use of a sounding board? 
    vent your frustrations? 
    be challenged? 

It can get lonely at the top. Sometimes having someone test your thinking processes or ideas on can assist you in clarifying your intent, solidifying your actions, and shoring up any gaps in your plans.

Alignment between the environment, the strategy, the organizational culture, and the leadership
will be probed.

The timing, duration, format, pace, style, frequency, process, content and objective of the
coaching are all driven by your needs. We take a very customer-focused approach with
executive coaching. 

The Sergay Group offers assistance with;

    optimization of Board interactions 
    leadership of the organization into the future 
    strategy formulation 
    leadership and management 
    improvement in performance 
    management of a merger or acquisition 
    corporate culture 
    implementation of change 
    operating in a new executive position 
    work-life balance 
    problem solving 

All it takes is a single phone call to get the ball rolling!

Three examples of the recent CEO's and executives that have received coaching from The Sergay Group, have tailored the assistance to meet their own needs. One meets on a quarterly basis, for a morning in a face-to-face meeting. He brings to the table a list of issues that need addressing. This is sometimes preceded by us communicating with his direct reports to determine any possible areas to concentrate on for his development or for him to action. Another opted for an initial face-to-face session. Thereafter, all coaching has been done on the telephone. Documentation is forwarded to us beforehand to analyze and critique, with follow-up action plans and work sent to us after the session for additional probing. At the start, executive coaching took place every two weeks, easing out to once a month and then, when he felt fully empowered, on request by the client when challenges emerged. For another, we are on a retainer, so that we strategize with her and then either come in to assist with the facilitation of sessions, working in specific problem areas in the organization, or connect with her personally by telephone, or electronically, to discuss various coaching issues.

Three different executives, three different needs, three different approaches! 


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