coaching                                       Coaching for Continuous Improvement


Coaching in this arena often comes about because of a need to eliminate roadblocks in an organization or to generally find ways to enhance operations.

In either circumstance, techniques are explored to benchmark the current status of how things
work in the organization. Based on the size, nature, structure, and processes of an organization,
an appropriate methodology is selected to use as a way forward with continuous improvement.

Champions in the top echelons of management need to be identified, as well as influencers throughout the organization who can be included in a central planning team. Then, a work area needs to be identified where the continuous improvement process can be applied for the best
visible results. It is often best to begin with the initiative in a pilot area. This will allow for closer monitoring and adjustments to occur. The process, together with a real-life in-house example,
can be written up as a guide for the execution of continuous improvement throughout the organization.

The success can be communicated so as to market the benefit of going the continuous
improvement route. The organization may now be ready to implement the methodology throughout the different work areas. A comprehensive strategy needs to be devised that will ensure the necessary training is given, support is available, and a measurement and adjustment system is in place.

Coaching for continuous improvement was one of the strategic priorities in the balanced scorecard for a client’s strategic plan. The executive who was championed to lead this initiative needed assistance to figure out a way to approach it. Coaching enabled him to devise a customized
process for the organization. He was also given the responsibility to lead this initiative. His efforts were challenged, critiqued, and expanded upon during the coaching sessions. It took him a full planning cycle to imbed the methodology in the organization.

It is optimum to achieve the complete integration of a continuous improvement culture into
everyday operations.

The benefit of receiving coaching is the exploratory nature of this approach, the empowerment
that occurs through capacity building, and the enhancement of results for the organization. 


Organizational coaching for continuous improvement

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