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The first day on the job or in a new position is too late to prepare for the job. Your work begins some weeks before you start.

Coaching takes the form of assisting you to create a strategic plan of action. One that will highlight what needs doing when. As one of our clients found, the anxiety experienced prior to entry was channeled into rather than taking control of the situation and walking into the doors extremely well prepared to make a difference in the job. It shortened the time for her between the start date and her producing visible deliverables. The transitioning period is key to establishing your position as a leader or as a new member of a team. 

During the coaching, information will be integrated and analyzed.

Your personal plan;

    align your career 
    work area 
    team, and 
    job needs 
A client discovered that what he thought for the good of the organization was, in fact, caught up with his own personal needs and the stage of life he was in. We were able to clearly demarcate a personal path and an organizational strategic plan distinct from each other. Yet, it still allowed all stakeholder needs to be met. 

Our coaching sessions focus on you devising practical steps to take that will;

    position you well 
    ensure you produce successes early on 
    forge positive relationships, and  
    make your first impression a lasting, positive image. 

A client of ours was starting over new in more ways than one. He was moving into his position as head of an organization; the first time at this level, in an industry different to the one in which he had previously worked, with offices in global locations he had not had exposure to before. The coaching focused on exposure he needed to get, as well as work that he needed to do prior to taking up the post. It entailed forging a path for him to take from the first day so that within his first three months his presence was positively felt, from the Board all the way through the various staff levels.

The coaching can also focus on establishing possible scenarios that you may encounter within the organization or work area.

Then it provides you with the necessary tool kit from which to extract the techniques and tools to deal effectively with different situations and people. A client, who we had facilitated transformation strategies with before, was promoted into a senior executive position that no one of her gender or ethnic group had ever held before. The culture of the organization was such that resistance to her promotion could be expected from all quarters. To add impetus to this was that she was also to spearhead certain change efforts throughout the organization. We took every possible situation that she would find herself having to deal with and we explored plausible and possible influences that could emerge during these situations. We then processed different tools and techniques that she could employ in each scenario. This resulted in her never being surprised by any sabotage anyone threw at her, whether covert or overt in nature. She came through strongly as someone who could expertly handle any challenge. She has gone on to play some amazing roles in her career.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a position without the benefit of preparation. It is never too late to obtain assistance. Coaching will allow you to work through the management complexities you face, while ensuring your optimum positioning as a leader. 

Contact us to discover how career coaching can empower you for future success.

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