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Questions a Candidate May Ask During Interviews

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Job Description 

 What would my specific duties be?

 Could you describe a typical day for me in the job?

 What would your expectations be for during the first year on the job?

 What characteristics do you think are important for this position?

 Promotions? / What are the possibilities for advancement? / What is the typical timeframe

   for advancements?

 How much travel is normally expected?

 What is it about my resume that caught your attention?

 How often are performance reviews done?

Job History 

 Is this a newly created position? / Why is this job available?

 How long has it been open?

 How long do people stay in this position?

 Where do people go after this position? What are the different career path opportunities that

   may be available to me?

 What is the backround of those who have held this position?

Orientation and Training 

 How is the new employee training structured? What type of training is provided for new 

   employees? How long is the training period for?

 Are employees encouraged to take courses?

 Do you have tuition reimbursement?

Personnel / Environment 

 How big is the organization / the department / my team?

 Who does the position report to? Can you describe to me what the manager's management style

 What is the atmosphere like?

 How do people relate to one another?

 What keeps you there?

 What are some of the common denominators among your organization's successful employees?

The Organization 

 What is the interview process that the organization follows?

 Have you downsized / expanded lately?

 How has the organization changed over the last 5 to 10 years?

 What activities help staff morale?

 How do you evaluate employee performance?

 Where would I be working?

 What opportunities exist?

 What are the advantages of working here?

 What is your transfer policy between departments, teams or roles?

 How does this department/team relate to other areas of the business?

 What are some characteristics of the organization that it considers to be unique?

 What are some of the major long and short range goals that the organization has?

 What are some of the future projects?

 What outside influences affect the organization's growth?

 Who would you consider to be your major competitors?

 In what areas does the organization excel, and in what areas does it have limitations?

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