From Crain's Chicago profile video - The Life of an Entrepreneur, October 2010.

Janine Sergay is the powerhouse behind The Sergay Group, Ltd. with expertise that enables her to empower, develop and energize teams, team leaders, managers and CEOs across the United States and internationally. She helps improve strategic thought, productivity, processes, and working relationships for enhanced bottom-line results.

Janine has over 25 years of experience helping organizations and individuals improve their effectiveness. She is a skilled strategist, speaker, facilitator, lecturer, and organizational consultant.

Janine is on the Board of Trustees for Childreach International USA, a charitable organization empowering children and youth in the USA and globally. 


Upon moving to the United States in 2004, Janine has delivered results in the medical, insurance, medical insurance, building, defence, electricity, research, banking, finance, food technology, technology, services, manufacturing, utilities, automotive, leasing, education, development, and retail industries, as well as in various associations, such as The Society of Plastic Surgeons, American College of Healthcare, American Society of Anesthesiologists, and American Society for Healthcare Food Services Administration, Society for Food Service Management, and Foodservice Consultants Society International.

The work has been for strategic planning, strategic thinking and alignment, teambuilding, executive coaching, organizational needs assessment, leadership mediation sessions, inter-department conflict mediation, dealing with change through a merger, managing change, continuous process improvement, performance management, human resource management, stress management, priority management, facilitation skills, project management, leadership, customer service, competency development, professional image, coaching, mentoring, behavior-based interviewing, decision-making, presentation, communication, influencing, persuading, negotiation skills. 

Every bit of work conducted has, to date, resulted in her being asked back to do further work in the organization.

She has run her own management consulting firm since 1992 in South Africa; starting out as a one woman operation and building it into a multi-national operation. She worked across South Africa, Africa and the UK, with some work for the European Union and with some clients such as Coca Cola and EDS from the States. She did work in the public, not for profit, and private sectors and across all industries. This also entailed working across all levels of staff from Government Ministers, Boards of Trustees and Management Boards all the way to general worker levels.


Janine’s area of expertise is within the organizational development arena - from strategic planning, teambuilding, culture shifts and diversity, transformation, workflow design, needs analyses, performance management systems and training, human resources management to training in leadership, interpersonal, intra-personal, and business improvement. 

Her undergraduate honors degree in Organizational Psychology, English and Economics, her licentiate in speech teaching (Trinity College London), her masters in Industrial Psychology obtained cum laude, coupled with her executive experience in retail, the service industry, and the largest utility in the world have prepared this dynamo well for her role in successfully empowering others.  

Her competencies range from diagnostics, design, strategic thinking, development, process facilitation, soft skills training, speaking, to report writing. She moves easily from holistic big picture thinking down to the more detailed orientation and is able to assimilate information and integrate across contexts and systems on a simultaneous basis. She is a registered Industrial Psychologist with the South African Health Professions Council. 

Born in South Africa and living on three different continents, she brings a rich mosaic to her work. Thousands of people and leading companies in all manner of industries have benefited from Janine’s keynote speeches, MBA lectures, training seminars, facilitated strategy and team sessions, and consulting.

The purpose of this letter is to personally commend Janine for an outstanding effort. Janine conducted and facilitated two, two-day strategic planning sessions. Her performance and resulting outcome far exceeded expectations.

Throughout the four days, Janine skillfully drew out the more reserved individuals while tactfully, forcefully when necessary, maintaining order among aggressive participants. By applying her considerable psychological talents, she ensured everyone remained engaged throughout.

In addition to the skilful application of a wide variety of tools and techniques, within three days following each session, Janine generated and submitted comprehensive summaries. The final report included a detailed, phased list of strategic objectives to be developed and achieved over the near and long term.

Over the course of a long career, one attends several Strategic Planning, Team Building...classes, seminars, and tutorials. I can truly state that this was the most productive, best conducted of all. Accordingly, Janine has earned our unqualified support and admiration.
Roland Marquis, Northrop Grumman

 Janine Sergay - President, The Sergay Group, Ltd.