WORKFLOW PLACEMENT: How to On-board or Orientate New    Employees

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Set the

 Create a customized standardized checklist of what needs to be done

 Create an electronic "who's who" in the company

 Ensure the Employee Handbook is up-to-date

 Update the contact details list of company employees

 Have all pre-formatted documentation in place

Make the

 Send offer of appointment letter with place for the selected individual

   to sign acceptance of the offer

 Send "Welcome to the Team" letter from the head of the company, and a

   "guide to your first day"

 Name the mentor who will assist in the first 3 months of transition into the

   new job

 Ensure the new work station is in working order, including telephone,

   computer access



 Establish a personal file for the new employee; make sure all documentation

   is signed and read

 Present the employee with the Employee Handbook, the "who's who", the

   internal contact list

 Explain all the unwritten rules, rituals and symbols

 Expose the person to other functions, team members, systems, processes,

   products or services, customer knowledge, and top management



 Determine a performance agreement with the employee ensuring

   milestones are reached within the first 3 months

 Create a mentoring plan and schedule to assist development and delivery

   in the first three months

 Hold mentoring sessions

 Monitor performance and provide immediate feedback

 Develop a desired team culture


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