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Human resources solutions and HR tools, ensuring compliance and results

A complete online resource for very affordable and cost effective HR solutions to meet your business needs.

Need HR help? Look no further than this service. A one-stop source to get things done and develop your HR procedures.

HR at your fingertips - allowing you to focus on your business, and stay on top of your human resource issues.

It is easy to neglect your HR requirements, what with a business to run, deadlines to meet, and customers to service.....
until the bottom falls out and you feel the pain!

Here's what you get:

Affordable human resource management for small business

Here are some examples (there's a lot more when you join the program);

  (click on a blue topic to see an actual HR Solution) 
HR Audits
Find out how well you are doing!

Performance Management

Placement Checklist (107 questions to ensure you get your placement policy right)

Policies Checklist (don't leave anything to chance)

Practices Checklist (104 questions that will help you generate a solid HR platform) 

Proactive People Management (essential to improve your bottom-line!)

HR Area Focus
The tools you need to empower
yourself and your staff.
Placement: Job Description (what is a job description, it's purpose and what to include)

Placement: Job Mission (A mission statement indicates your job's purpose and reason for existence)
Recruitment: Questions a Candidate May Ask During Interviews

Recruitment: Sample Questions for Competencies (78 questions YOU need to ask!)
Performance Management: Competencies Described as Behaviors (20 points to succeed)
Proactive People Management (a step-by-step approach to manage your people)
Follow the Workflow
Mobilize actions with our easy to
follow step-by-step guides.

Performance Management: How to Create a Performance Agreement (clarify expectations)

Performance Management: How to Establish a Personal Development Plan (competence)
Placement: How to Create a Job Description (your employees MUST know their responsibilities)

Placement: How to Establish the Competencies For a Job (maximise efficiencies)

Placement: How to do Telephone Screening (interview the right people from the start)

Placement: How to On-board or Orientate New Employees

Placement: The Interview Process (the initial process)

Placement: The Recruitment Process (prepare, interview, evaluate and confirm)

Follow the Procedures
Do the right things, right!
Conduct Behavior-Based Interviews

Create a Job Description (get all your ducks in a row!)
HR Regulations
Know the right things to do.
Understanding Employment Law (make sure you are compliant...)

In addition, you get the ability to;

  Download and use prepared templates that solve your HR documentation and process needs

  Post questions about your HR problems

  Read through HR problem situations and solutions that are commonly experienced by others

  Enter your experiences on our HR forum, and create a shared body of knowledge that all members can benefit from


Get practical answers to these, and many other questions!

New tools, ideas, and procedures are added all the time!


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