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Placement: Conduct Behavior-Based Interviews

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The Interview Process:

How to Question:

 Use open-ended questions to yield the greatest amount of information, for example, "What can
   you offer our organization?" Equally important is, "What can we offer to help you meet your
   career goals?"

 Use probing questions to delve deeper for more information, for example, "What happened as a
   result of that action?" or, "How do you feel about that decision?"

 Use behavior-based questions. Ask the candidate to provide specific information about a past
   experience, for example, "Tell me about a time when you needed to solve a particularly
   challenging problem. Exactly what did you do? What were the results of your actions?"
   (Situation - Action - Result)


HR Regulation Guidelines 

 Never compare candidates to each other

 All written records kept anywhere in the
   organization must be non-discriminatory and

 Avoid all potential discriminatory questions


Points to Remember

 Evaluate each candidate against the job
 Ask questions related to what is required
   for the job and the organization
 Use concrete evidence of capabilities related
   to a specific selection standard
 When an opening occurs, it is a good time to
   reassess your team and decide what you really
   need to rehire for
 Prepare key questions to ask during an
 You talk 25% of the time, the candidate 75%
   of the time in an interview



 Use past performance as a predictor of future success. Seek out examples of past behavior

   that will fit with future behaviors required for the job

 Don't fill the silences. Allow the candidate time to think about responses

 Assess verbal communication skills and observe body language

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