The Sergay Group is looking for people to fill the following positions;

Marketing Professionals  Market to new clients; make client contact; secure and confirm new appointments; follow up with clients; build on client relationships.
Facilitators  Facilitate training sessions for clients in your area of expertise; attend client briefings; make adjustments to programs; facilitate the group dynamics; ensure participants' learning; provide feedback.
Consultants  Conduct needs analysis; facilitate strategic planning or teambuilding; coach; perform as part of a project team.
Web Seminar Producer  Source appropriate platform; make technical arrangements; perform technical producer functions during bi-annual seminars. (Contractor as required position).

Required Actions:

Determining what you love to do, ensuring you have the necessary competence to deliver, finding the job that will allow you the opportunity to perform.

The Right Fit:

Key is determining the right fit for you and our Company.

Key Attributes:

We look for individuals who -

Strive to be the best they can be 
Continually develop their competence 
Have excellent interpersonal skills 
Are good listeners 
Are good verbal communicators 
Innovate and initiate 

If you think any of the above positions are right for you, please contact us by sending an email to .

Careers at The Sergay Group

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